Short Background on Buffalo Consulting

Early in the firm’s history I was engaged to work with a small Christian University to restructure, eventually resulting in an acquisition by another University. The transaction required both financial restructuring as well as attention to accreditation issues.

BC was engaged to help a developer in the Sacramento area identify a college or university that would accept a gift of land on a larger development project. The task started with assisting the team in working through the entitlement issues with the County and then in identifying a wide range of possible university partners in the US and around the world that might take on the challenge.

Two cities (Tracy and Roseville both in California) engaged BC to help them define a set of strategies to attract higher education to their area. In the first, BC worked with a variety of institutions to work on a coordinated basis with the local community college in improving transfer programs and in creating new opportunities. In the latter the BC assisted the city in attracting a University to establish a branch campus.

Two Mexican universities have engaged BC to build relationships with US Colleges and Universities. The projects involved establishing a list of priorities for exchanges in the university and then in identifying possible US institutions who would have the interest in working with the institutions.

BC was engaged with an innovative content provider to offer new types of educational programs with a group of California universities.

BC was retained as a sell side advisor for the recent merger between the San Francisco School of Theology and the University of Redlands.

I have personally worked with universities (senior staff and board) to think about the challenges of the current higher education environment.

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